Manufacturing Plant Manager CV

The main job of a manufacturing plant manager is to take care of the operations in a manufacturing plant and review all the manufacturing processes so that they work in their optimal capacity. The manufacturing plant manager is a middle level management role and has to take up hiring of employees, maintenance of machines, periodic review of activities in the plant, etc. To apply for the role of a manufacturing plant manager in an organization, refer to the below given sample manufacturing plant manager CV.

Sample Manufacturing Plant Manager CV

Keith Barry

Fork Street, New Jersey

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:


Career Objective:

To work in a flexible and competitive environment as a manufacturing plant manager that provides immense number of opportunities to display the traits and use the technical knowledge in a manufacturing plant set up. The work should be satisfying and encouraging so that more responsibilities can be taken up and executed easily.

Educational Background:

2003-2006: Bachelors in Sciences in Industrial Automation Engineering Technology

2006-2008: PhD in Business Administration – Management of Engineering and Technology

Professional Experience:

2009: Assistant Manufacturing Plant Manager, ABC Manufacturing Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Handling various activities in the manufacturing plant to ensure all activities happen with quality standards in place

Keeping track of activities so that they happen as per strict time deadlines and scheduled plan

Hiring able professionals in the manufacturing plant to execute the manufacturing plans

Overseeing all the activities from the planning stage to the delivery stage

Organising the activities under the resource constraints by allocating resources in different shifts, etc

Additional qualification:

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Business – Management of Engineering and Technology

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