Manufacturing Process Engineer CV

A manufacturing process engineer CV will be very handy for professionals and students who want to pursue a career as a manufacturing process engineer. The candidates who are applying for the job of a manufacturing process engineer should possess the relevant educational background e.g., manufacturing engineering and work experience. The candidates should possess knowledge in manufacturing costing, production processes, product designing and manufacturing, etc. The sample manufacturing process engineer CV will help these candidates to prepare a strong candidature.

Sample Manufacturing Process Engineer CV

Smith Johnson

Fork Street, South Dakota

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:


Career Objective:

My career objective is to become a successful manufacturing process engineer and work towards the betterment of manufacturing processes for the organization I would work for. I would maintain confidentiality of any sensitive data and work with integrity towards my firm and job role. I would like to contribute towards increasing the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing processes.

Educational Background:

2003-2006: Engineering in Industrial Automation Engineering Technology

2006-2008: PhD in Business Administration – Management of Engineering and Technology

Professional Experience:

2009: Manufacturing Engineer, Interiole Manufacturing Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Undertaking the day-to-day and periodic management of the manufacturing and engineering processes of the organization

Maintaining strict and full documentation of all the designs and engineering done for the manufacturing plant

Maintained the efficiency levels of all the manufacturing processes by managing and analysing the activities through computer software

Streamlined all manufacturing operations and kept all the machinery in the plant in proper shape to provide maximum efficiency

Additional qualification:

Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Business – Management of Engineering and Technology.



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