Manufacturing Supervisor CV

A manufacturing supervisor is an employee of a company or organisation who is appointed for playing the role of a person involved in supervision and management of the manufacturing unit or department. This job requires the candidate to organise the capital and services essential for production and manufacture of products produced b the company. A manufacturing supervisor CV must be self explanatory and detailed enough to be selected for the given post of work.

Manufacturing supervisor CV Sample:


Personal details:
Samuel Trent

Phone number: 473095405056

Email address:

Address: G-8, second floor

P block, Maryland Street

West London

Educational background:

Completed MBA from Illinois University in the year 2005

Completed Bachelors in Production and design in the year 2003 from North Dakota University

Work experience:
Worked at Freddy Corporation for a span of 2 years wherein I was appointed as the manufacturing operations manager and was responsible for tasks such as organisation and implementation of the manufacturing machinery and related tools.

Internship completed at Henry Building material company for a period of 6 months where training was provided on handling different manufacturing materials and units.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Motivated, diligent and hardworking
  • A great hand at computers and knowledge of machinery and tools to be used during the manufacturing procedure.
  • Great interpersonal skills and exceptional leadership quality
  • Attention to detail and good rapport with co-workers.


  • Awarded the best trainee award at Jacob industries.
  • Affiliated with a scholarship to study at North Dakota University from High school.

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