Production Worker CV

A production worker CV is a CV of a person who is a skilled production worker and wishes to apply in a company for this post. The CV must focus upon the career objective, work experience and skills of the candidate which make him suitable for the job position. A production worker may be required to do work such as tasks related to production and manufacturing of a good or service. He is responsible for benefiting the company by the operational work done by him.

Production worker CV Sample:

Personal details:

John West

12-PLH, first floor

Semi Henry Building

Atlanta, Georgia

Phone number: 479050945405

Email address:

Career objective:

Looking for a company where I can work as a production worker and showcase my talent as well as experience in the best possible manner which is also responsible for the company’s success and popularity.

Educational qualifications:

High school diploma from Kent Senior secondary school

Completed a course in safety norms from Georgia

Work experience:

  • Worked with Debby enterprise for a period of 2 years as a production worker.

Here my duties and roles were:

Carried out tasks related to safety norms and their applications

Kept record of the production materials used.

Was responsible for carrying out checking the final product and seeing if all the safety norms were followed

Was responsible for maintaining the employment areas and seeing if they were fresh and prepared


  • Expertise in different production techniques and processes.
  • Can work efficiently in even pressure ridden and deadline situations.

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