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The field of market research is rapidly growing. Employers are seeking people trained in various financial and management fields to fill the jobs that are opening up. Despite this the field is still highly competitive. Great care therefore should be taken when preparing a market research CV. Market research CVs that are well prepared will be sure to get you an interview.

In-depth research about the institution and the role of the position will be beneficial when preparing your resume. Skills such as analytical skills, presentation skills, research skills, report writing skills and good communication skills should be emphasized in your market research CV. Shown below is a sample CV for somebody interested in a market research job.   

Sample Market research CV 

Fred Sanderson 

Personal details

Mobile Number: (1) 55456-76890

Home Address: 89759, Seaside #45 MANHATTAN

Marital Status: Single

Nationality: Irish.

Languages: English, French, Russian

Driving License: American, Clean


Developing new Research Techniques that make fact finding easier and more accurate for researchers

Going beyond the research work and implementing recommendations based on the urgency of actions to be taken to enable fast and effective market reach and effect. 


Learn and train on new Research Skills that are more detailed and fun for researchers and students alike

Be the change that this world needs in terms of collecting data and facts whose accuracy will decide the best cause of action for the solutions. 


February 2006 – Presently Smithsonian Institute

South Ridge, SC

Research Fellow

• Collect various data and variables for specific classified projects.

• Offer the research findings to my superiors and testify on findings

• Created new research plans for present and future researchers at the institute  

July 2000 – December 2005: Graham Grant Inc   

South Ridge, SC

District Sales Manager


• Research on the methods that marketers use during fieldwork

• Develop and advising market researchers’ skills on what to look out for

• In-house training course for new recruits.  



February 1995 – April 1999: Iowa State University

South Ridge, SC

• B.A., Business Administration and Marketing.

• Graduated summa cum laude. 

Summary of Skills

  • Investigative,
  • Research and census skills
  • Training and mentoring


Skateboarding, swimming, surfing, playing computer games 


Jamie Blake,

Director, Classified Operations At The Smithsonian Institute

Park Road, 43879 Big Apple Street New York


Graham Sloan

Graham Grant Inc

Appellate View Building

9832378 Spring Valley Los Angeles


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