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A marketing assistant is a person whose job is to look after the sales and marketing strategies of a company. He works towards the techniques and methods to sell a product or a service. This kind of a job profile needs special negotiating and convincing skills which are not influenced through academics as such. So the CV of a marketing assistant aspirant should be one that points out to those qualifications which makes him eligible for the job. The following is a sample:

Sample marketing assistant CV

Name: Henry Boston

Age: 32 years

Telephone: 473094830948

Address: 45-mid lane, house -2, CA


Educational background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Georgia tech, Georgia in the year 2006. Won several awards for co curricular activities such as public speaking.
  • Master’s degree in business administration (Marketing) from New York University in the year 2008.

Career goal:

Obtain a respectable position as a marketing personal in a reputed firm like yours and to use my skills in the best possible way which brings about a profit to the firm.

Professional background and experience details:

  • Worked as the head of the sales department in FRG org.  For 3 years where I was awarded best employee award twice.
  • Helped in the launch of the products of the company Hales International.
  • Worked as junior block development manager in Sync. Solutions where my job was to sell computer solutions.


  • Great convincing ability accompanied with a powerful personality that helps to win over clients easily.
  • Command over language and confidence in abilities.
  • Decent disposition.

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