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Marketing CVsare essential if you are applying for jobs in the marketing sector. You should prepare your CV in a manner that will convince theemployerthat you are the best person for themarketing job.This CVs cut across the board i.e. whether you are a college senior looking for an internship or an experienced professional seeking to move higher up in the professional ladder.

Marketingis a very dynamic and careers in this sector are fast paced as every day companies are looking to increase market share and therefore marketing professionals are relied upon greatly.

Some of the of jobs which you can apply for using amarketing CVare marketing director, marketing manager, brand manager, marketing consultant, online marketing manager, marketing analyst, marketing engineer, marketing coordinator, management trainee, student intern and many more jobs in the marketing sector.

Some action words that you may want to include in your CV to make it sound more professional and give you a better chance of getting thejobare: coordinated, restructured, trained, managed, implemented, surpassed, targeted, increased market share, motivated, achieved, generated, proposed, recommended, opened, streamlined, improved, improved, supervised, oversaw and many more words.

Sample Marketing CV Format

Name: Collins Kennedy

Address: P.O BOX 454646 New York

Tel: 243536456

Cell phone: 234535468

Career Objective:

To work in a dynamic corporate environment in order to constantly increase the market share of the company.

Educational Qualification:

Academic Qualification:

– Master of Business Administration (June 2004) from the Columbia Business School.

-Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (June 2001) from the Yale school of Management.

-Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (Marketing option) (June 1997) from Harvard University.

Professional Qualification

-Certified by MPAC


2004 to date: Marketing analyst at Blue Telkom


-Designed the overall marketing strategy of the firm for strong brand identification.

-Drew up the marketing budget for the firm.

2001-2003: Brand manager at Solid Eriksson.


-Crafted effective marketing strategies for the company’s brands.

-Made the marketing budget for each of the brand segments of the organization.

-Identified effective marketing channels for brands.


-Increased market share of Solid Eriksson from 26% to 40% over the five year period.

-Increased brand loyalty of clients to products of Blue Telkom by adopting patriotic messages to the brand

-Best in 5000 meters in Massachusetts during the collegiate athletic games.

-Undergraduate student union organizing secretary in my college junior Year.

-Chairman of marketing club at Columbia.

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