Marketing Specialist CV

A marketing specialist is an employee of a company whose job is to realise and analyse the company’s marketing potential and is responsible for promoting the company. He/she is required to build strategies, handle promotions, create campaigns etc for the good and positive marketing of the organisation. Any person interested in this position must frame an impressive and effective CV which consists of all the details that are important for the employer to judge the suitability of the candidate for the job. A sample of a marketing specialist CV has been given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Marketing Specialist CV

Marketing Specialist CV

Peter McAdams

Address: 12/M, second floor, Kell towers, New York

Mobile Number: 4703407350

Telephone Number: 802084035



Career Objective:

Seeking the challenging job position of a marketing specialist in an organisation which will give me an opportunity to make use of my skills, work experience and my educational qualifications in the right manner and for the benefit of the organisation.

Educational Background:

  • High school education from St. Andrews international school, New York in the year 2002
  • Bachelor’s degree in commerce from New York University in the year 2005
  • Master’s degree in MBA(Marketing) from Cambridge University in the year 2007

Work Experience:

  • 2008-2010-worked as a marketing executive at Hanson International, New York
  • 2010-2013-worked as a marketing specialist at Jackson Corporation, New York

Skills Possessed:

  • Computer skills and technical skills.
  • Exceptional marketing skills and analytical skills.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Creative mind, dedicated nature and exceptional managerial skills.

Areas of Expertise:

  • I am an expert at providing marketing solutions, strategies and creating wonderful marketing campaigns.
  • I have a knack for reading market trends and developing promotions accordingly.
  • Have successfully handled various marketing processes and procedures for some top companies.

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