Promotions Manager CV

A promotions manager is a person who is incharge of the advertising related tasks for a company. His job might need him to plan and implement campaigns which are meant to stir an interest in the public about the product, service or event created by the company for which he works. A promotions manager CV is a description of all the skills as well as qualifications possessed by the applicant. The CV must also focus on experience details and the career objective.

Promotions manager CV Sample:

John Fredrick

Phone: 470980945800

Email address:

Address: 34-Hill road end apartment

West London

Career objective:

To work in a competitive environment where I can bring out the best of me and work in a way that favours the organisation.


  • High school completed in the year 2002 from St Peter Boys school
  • Graduation done in the year 2006 in Finance and management from Liverpool university
  • Post graduation completed in the year 2007 from University of Reading.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Ability to work in crunch situations with diligence as well as hardwork.
  • Creative mind which is updated of the market trends and consumer requirements.
  • Highly capable of monitoring a team and working as a part of it.
  • Good at conceptualising promotion strategies and implementation of the plans.

Work Experience:

  • Worked at Vermont Group Private Limited for 3 years as the promotions manager where I was responsible for overlooking the entire promotion department and managing staff members.
  • Worked as an intern at Henry Co. for 6 months.

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