Sports Marketing Manager CV

Sport marketing is a vast field which can include areas such as advertising of the sports associations or the products associated with them and also promotion of various products related to sports. Sports marketing manager is the person who manages all the tasks related to advertising, promoting and overall selling of the sport .The CV of a sports marketing manager should consist of all those points which make him an apt choice for the job. The following is a sample of a sports marketing manager CV.

Sample sports marketing manager CV

Personal details

Name: Mathew Tinny

Address: 6-K, friend’s district, three downtown, London

Mobile number: 479302480932


Qualifications and academic details:

  • Pursued graduation in business administration from Liverpool university, UK.
  • Done a PG degree in management skills from Liverpool university, UK.
  • Done a special training program from Managerial skills institute, UK

Areas of expertise and interest:

  • Speciality in the advertising department which comes from experience of working in the media for 2 years.
  • Innovative and creative ideas that can help promoting or marketing.

Aims and objectives for the future:

To be able to live up to the challenges of sports world and do my best with the job at hand.

To be known and recognised as a hardworking employee.

Previous experiences:

  • Worked with Prink Media works for 2 years where I was awarded the best employee title.
  • Worked marketing of sports equipments with GnU Sports Company.
  • Prepared a documentary of photos for street photography which conveyed the situation of rural living in London.

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