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Media CV is written by job seekers applying for positions in companies and industries that deal in spreading information, entertainment and news to vast numbers of people through radio, television, newspapers and the Internet. Due to its diversity and the dominance of information in the society, media jobs are always on the increase and jobseekers must always compete to stay relevant in the dynamic market. This involves creativity in writing CVs when applying for jobs, hence the format a job seeker uses in writing a resume matters a great extent to the employer, especially the first impression. There is no specific format to be used in writing a resume, but what is common is that important details should be included in the CV, whichever the format the applicant chooses. These details are included in the following sample:

Sample Media CV format

Name:  Paul Sky

Address: #784 Blue street, London, UK

Telephone: +44 (583) 743 7387


Career objective

As a journalist, I am powered by the desire to know the truth, and spread it to everyone.

Educational qualification:

1991 – 1996

Oxford University

Qualification: Degree in Mass communication

1989 – 1990

St. Peters High School

Qualification: A Level

1985 – 1988

St. Peters High School

Qualification: GCSE O Level

Professional Qualification:


International Association of Journalists

Certificate in Professional conduct


2008 to date

Evening News Post, London


Reporting on breaking news in the downtown London

Overall supervisor of anchoring in the evening news


News TV


Assistant program production designer

Cast supervisor


Life News Media



Reporting news journalist

Crew supervisor


Provided regular nationwide news coverage on a wide range of current affairs, including market crash, US-Canadian relations, Manchester free-trade negotiations, and topical issues relating to the environment and aboriginal people and the Arctic

Media cv

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