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Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who have specialized and are certificated to administer anesthesia to assist surgeons in major surgical operations, Considered as peri-operative physicians trained to take care of patients before after a major surgery, anesthesiologists also monitor anesthesia levels in patients undergoing surgery for intraoperative adjustment of anesthesia.

Anesthesiologist CV Format

Dr. Nathaniel J. Curtis, M.D.

Vance Ave., Memphis, Tennessee

Phone:  (423) 639-7822

Career Objective

To work as an Anesthesiologist in a large metropolitan or city hospital

Professional Experience


2006 – Present: Anesthesiologist, National College Medical Center, TN

  • Coordinate with resident physician and guest surgeons for the schedules of operations where general anesthesia is required
  • Administer and monitor general anesthesia to patients undergoing cranial, abdominal and cardiopulmonary surgeries.
  • Supervise nurses in preparing patients for administration of general anesthesia
  • Supervise medical the technologists assigned in the surgery section in the operation and maintenance of anesthetic monitoring appliances.
  • Provide post operative monitoring of patients to control pain and progressively manage withdrawal of anesthetic effects.


1997 – 2000: Resident Physician, University Hospital, Geneva

  • Diagnose and treat patients referred by hospital admissions staff
  • Assist emergency ward physicians when volume of patients cannot be handled by assigned staff.

Skills and Qualification

  • Obtained license to practice medicine in the state of Tennessee in 2000
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills



2001 – 2002:  Anesthesiologist Training, College of Medicine, Harvard University

1994 – 1996:  Internship and Fellowship at the University Hospital Geneva

1991 – 1994:  College of Medicine, University of Lucerne

1988 – 1991:  BS in Biology, University of Lucerne

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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