Critical Care Nurse CV

Critical Care Nurses are registered or practical nurses who have underdone special training in health care management of patients under intensive care units or on emergency medical condition. While schooled in the basics of nursing care, they can support comatose patients, cancer patients suffering intense pain, patients with life-threatening medical conditions like burns and traumatic injuries that require the support of artificial life support systems and intensive therapeutic protocols.

Critical Care Nurse CV Format

John V. Capshaw

Belvedere, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone:  (404) 788-4756

Career Objective

To work as part of a team of Critical Care Nurses in the ICU section of a large sate of private hospital

Professional Experience

2004 – Present: Critical Care Nurse, ICU, Crawford Long Hospital, Atlanta

  • Observe work shift hours and possible extend with overtime work in cases when the ICU section is at high capacity
  • Supervise medical technologist in setting up the life support appliances to sustain a comatose or severely injured patient.
  • Provide stronger anesthetic pain killers or sedation for patients in extreme pain as authorized by the attending physician, usually for terminally ill, burn or cancer patients.
  • Observe and monitor patients periodically for changes in medical conditions that could require immediate or emergency intervention.
  • Administer drugs orally, intravenously, or through gastric tubes.
  • Apply defibrillators to attempt reviving patients once life monitors goes flat.

Skills and Qualification

  • Passed the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for the state of Georgia
  • Passed the NCLEX to be a Registered Nurse in 1998
  • 12 years of nursing experience with the last 5 years focused on treating severe medical conditions that require life support systems
  • Excellent organization, communication and interpersonal skills



1998 – Present: In-house training on emergency and critical care

1995 – 1998:  BS Nursing, New York State University

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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