Industrial Pharmacist CV

An industrial pharmacist is an individual who works for pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and other research organisations. These individuals specialise in the development of new drugs and medications with the use of various technologies and methodologies. They must be well qualified and knowledgeable which must reflect in their CVs. The CV must be precise, clear and informative.

Sample Industrial Pharmacist CV

Personal Details

Name: Mrs. Jo Rosette

Fathers Name: Mr. Harmon Sean

Contact Address: 231/ 43, Newark Street, Carton Square, New Jersey, USA.

Contact No.: 24353212

Email Address:

Educational Qualifications

  • Prior to 2005: High School Diploma, Walton High School, New York, USA [Courses: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics]
  • 2005-2008: Bachelors in Chemistry, Bison School, New York University, NY, USA[Courses: Fusion Chemistry, Chemical Structures, Organic Chemistry, General Biology, Physiology]
  • 2008- 2009: Masters in Medicine, Bison School, New York University, NY, USA[Courses: Organic Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry,Advanced Physics]
  • 2009- 2013: Doctorate of Pharmacy, New York School of Medical Sciences, NYU, USA[Courses: Statistics, Chemistry, Calculus, Biochemistry, advanced organic Chemistry, immunology, microbiology]

Research Affiliations/Trainings

  • 2009- 2013:  Worked as a Lab Assistant (Initial 18 months) and as a Research Assistant (following 30 months) in the Pharmacy Lab at the New York School of Medical Sciences, NYU, USA. Assisted the lecturers and the researchers in the lab work, case studies and studies of the pharmaceuticals at hand. Created detailed structure descriptions and managed the structural aspects of the whole studies. Also accredited in a few clinical studies and case studies, some of which are published.


  •  A sense for collecting, integrating and then sorting out the data as per the relevance.
  • An eye for even minute details with a keen sense of observation.
  • Great communication, managerial and organisational skills.
  • Good writing skills along with a knack for record/ tab keeping.


• Mr. Harper Shaper
Senior Researcher
NYU Research Department
Contact No.: 65836543

• Mr. Cramer Gold
Research Manager
NYU Research Department
Contact No.: 34663557

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