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A medical editor, also known as a scientific editor is an individual who is responsible for editing a scientific or medical write up. He/she checks the articles for mistakes, grammar errors, phrasing errors and also misspelled words etc. Basically it is the job of a medical editor to make scientific writing more clear and precise. A medial editor can either work on freelance basis or independently, or work for a publishing organisation. In order to apply for the job of a medical editor, one need to prepare a CV or curriculum vitae which describes his/her qualifications etc in detail. A sample has been given below.

Sample Medical Editor CV

Medical Editor CV

Name: Jack Brown

Address: 54 Hamstring street, J block, New York

Mobile number: 47305703555

Date of birth: 18th June, 1983

E mail ID:


Statement of Purpose: 

Seeking the job position of a medical editor at a reputed publishing house where I will get enough chances to utilise my exceptional medical editing skills and my long association with this field.

Key Skills:

  • Detail oriented, focussed nature and command over the English language.
  • Solid writing and editorial skills
  • Knowledge of medical terms, procedures, processed and other details.
  • Exceptional translation ability.
  • Languages known: English, French, German

Academic Background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English from University of California
  • Master’s in journalism from University of Cambridge
  • 1 year certificate course in medical writing and editing from New York Writer’s association institute.

Work Experience:

  • Worked as a freelance content writer for 1 year.
  • Worked as a medical transcript translator at a medical centre for research for 2 years
  • Worked as a medical editor for a medical newspaper for a period of 1 year.

Duties and Responsibilities Undertaken:

  • I have transplanted many medical excerpts and research materials from English to French and German.
  • Was responsible for editing medical articles and texts.
  • Was responsible for spell checking medical reports and observations.

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