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Nuclear Medicine Technologists are healthcare professionals trained in operating specialized visual enhancing/detection equipment to diagnose various cancer types. They administer radioactive drug “tracers” intravenously which enable gamma radiation cameras to detect and capture tumorous tissues and organs and provide oncologists and doctors an accurate picture of the cancer condition in suspected parts of the body.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist CV Format

Devlin R. Madison

Williamsburg, Virginia

Phone: (757) 453-7665

Career Objective

To be part of a team of nuclear medicine technologists in a large private metropolitan hospital with a strong focus on cancer diagnosis and cure.

Professional Experience

2006 – Present:  Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center

  • Establish rapport with patients undergoing radiation injection to explain the technology behind the diagnosis and the safe radiation dose they will get as necessary for the gamma camera to confirm the presence of cancerous tissues
  • Administer orally, intravenously or via dextrose the radioactive tracer as may be specified by the attending oncologist.
  • Guide the patient and ensure physical positioning is correct to allow for optimum gamma camera capture while monitoring the patient condition throughout the process.
  • Operate the equipment and perform refinement to produce precise and meaningful medical images.
  • Upload processed images into PC or as email attachment to physicians and oncologists.


Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent learning ability in mastering computer systems and complex diagnostic appliances
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Cited by management in 2003 and 2005 for consistent perfect attendance


2002 – Present:  In-house training on the use of special diagnostic equipment including the  latest models of radiation detection cameras.

2000 – 2002: Associate in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Burbank Community College

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request.


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