Occupational Health Nurse CV

Occupational Health Nurses are persons who work within an organization or occupation and provide nursing services to the employees of that organization. They independently access and evaluate the health status of the employees and provide nursing care. In case of an injury to any worker or employee during work, the occupational health nurse administers care and medication.

Sample Occupational Health Nurse CV

Joe Frank

Frost Road

Germany – 8675

Phone: 54-665-78

Email: joe55@ycmail.com

Career Objective:

I am an experienced professional looking forward to a good job position where I can develop my nursing facilities and also my experience in the field. I possess good communication skills and also have a good base information ground on the medication practices and in administering them.

Professional Experience:

2005-Present: Fitness Planet

  • Evaluated equipments and fitness devices for their effective working.
  • Evaluated workers’ health status and prescribed fitness tips for their fitness regulation.
  • Worked both as a team care unit and individual.
  • Evaluated the work status of the workers for their safeguard of health.
  • Developed and devised health improvement policies for the workers
  • Advised employees on health standards and policies.
  • Maintained employees’ health records and documents.
  • Assessed disability issues and cases of the employees and advised treatments.
  • Diagnosed the disease and illness of the patient employee and gave medications.
  • Maintained a file of record documents of the new employees and their health status.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Nursing, Medical College.

2003-2005: Masters in Nursing, Medical College.




Professional reference will be added upon request.

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