Pharmaceutical CV

A pharmaceutical CV looks out for experienced people who have worked in any pharmaceutical industry. Marketing strategies are highly required for the growth of the company. It therefore requires a highly skilled and dedicated person who will work under minimal supervision. Below is a sample of a pharmaceutical CV.

Denise Kolpy Roberts

67 Gangland

Sheffield, London

Mobile: +345-9683-3827

Career Objective

Experienced pharmaceutical officer seeking for a similar position in your company. Able to utilize practical knowledge in pharmacy for the progress and prosperity of the company

Work Experience

2001- 2007: Pharma Associate at Troplet Pharmaceutical Industries


  • Arranging appointments with medical teams in the company.
  • Managing budgets for any projects and events carried out in the company.
  • Contacting customers to find out their needs and come up with ways of satisfying their needs.
  • Ensuring that all terms and conditions of sales are met according to rules and regulations.

1995-1999: Sales promotion officer at Hollmark Pharmaceuticals.


  • Conducting market research.
  • Making feasibility reports for setting up new laboratories and pharmacies.
  • Introducing new products to the market and ensuring proper marketing strategies for the product.
  • Conducting marketing strategies for the company.

Educational Background

1989-1993: Degree in Pharmaceutical Studies.

Delmont Front University

1982- 1987: Higher Diploma in Business Administration- Sheffield High School

Achievements and Awards

Certificate of achievement for achievement of 139% increment of sales at Hollmark Pharmaceuticals

Hobbies and Interests

  • Internet surfing
  • Composing poetry
  • Music
  • Travelling
  • Reading research books

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