Pharmacist Consultant CV

A pharmacist consultant is a person who provides consultation relating to medicine and pharmaceutical products and services. The pharmacist consultants give advice and information to the patients about medicines and health treatments. They supervise prescribed medicines and also give information on that. They also supervise pharmacies to check medicines and drugs.

Sample Pharmacy Consultant CV

Ford Gill

Hillview Road

France – 8434

Phone: 43-667-87


Career Objective:

I am an experienced professional seeking for a good job position in the field where I can develop my skills and work experience. I have good knowledge about the pharmaceutical tools and medicines. I have effective communication skills to give information and interact with patients well. I also have excellent verbal and the ability to handle situations.

Professional Experience:

2005-Present: Gill Pharmacy

  • Reviewed medication prescriptions of patients.
  • Supervised medicine dosage prescribed.
  • Reviewed pharmacy services, policies and the procedures of maintaining pharmacy services.
  • Interacted with pharmacy staff to get information about proper maintenance of medicines.
  • Communicated with doctors relating to the pharmaceutical prescriptions and updating them of the new medicines and treatments improved.
  • Recorded supply of medicines to the pharmacies.
  • Responsible for reviewing medications of the patients in nursing homes and hospitals.
  • Resolved issues related to medications.
  • Analyzed medicinal effects and researches to improve better results and effective medicines.

Educational Qualifications:

2000-2003: Bachelors in Pharmacy Consultations, College of Pharmaceutical Studies.

2003- 2005: Masters in Pharmacy Consultation, College of Pharmacy Studies.




Professional reference will be provided upon request.

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