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An office CV is undoubtedly an important official document wherein a candidate provides a detailed report of his/ her academic merit as well as extra-curricular skills possessed and hence claims employment in the said office, based on his/ her abilities and knowledge in the respective field. An office CV should not just portray the above particulars but should also include some extraordinary achievements that would make the candidate attain a better position in the competition for some particular post in the office.

Office CVs are generally prepared by almost all applicants for some job in an office, be it for a secretary or receptionist, analyst, administrator, trainee or even a manager of the company. The basic structure of its design, however, remains unchanged. The details should always be provided in a set pattern so as to ensure clear and quick overview of the same. The following points should be kept in mind in order to frame an effective office CV.

  • The document should start with a formal introduction of the individual applying in the office and move on to explore vital details of his education and respective career.
  • The CV should precisely state his goals and aim in life and establish a direct relation between his/ her aspirations and this particular job, thereby bringing out the actual reason for choosing the same. It would also help the higher authorities for the concerned purpose to analyze how much the candidate is focused, which would determine his/ her dedication to work.
  • Apart from including hobbies and special interests, one should also necessarily mention his/ her achievements and experiences.

Sample Office CV

Office Administrator

Office Assistant

Office Director CV Template


Office Boy CV


Office Secretary CV Template




Front office CV

Back office CV

Office Manager CV

Office Manager CV

Office Assistant CV

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