Energy Manager CV

An Energy manager is a person who holds the position where he is responsible for the tasks such as energy conservation, energy audit and testing/labelling of sample or data. This is a profile that requires highly skilled and experienced individuals who have the required qualifications. The CV of an energy manager should be made in such a way that it reflects the academic details, skills and areas of expertise of the applicant. The following is sample of an energy manager CV.

Sample energy manager CV

Name: Henry Pickles

Gender: Male

34-H, bridge side road

Second clock, LA


Email address: Henry

Desired employment: Energy Manager

Work experience:

  • Held the position of assistant director in project engineering at Fred’s Oil and energy Co. for duration of 4 years.
  • The main duties and responsibilities that I have worked towards are
  1. Testing and labelling of renewable energy products
  2. Management of energy projects
  3. Energy audit

Academic details:

  • Gradation in physics from National Science institute, LA.

Scores obtained: 78% aggregate along with topper award.

  • Post graduation in advance physic and energy from Jim Science Labs, LA.

Scores obtained: 67% aggregate.

  • Diploma course in energy resources management skills for a duration of 12 months.


  • Extremely hardworking and diligent with in-depth knowledge of all energy forms and their management.
  • Well versed with methods and terminologies which help to supervise workers.


To work as an energy manager in a respectable company that recognises my hardwork and expertise in this field.

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