Geophysicist CV

A geophysicist has a wide variety of fields to choose from when it comes to professional work. He can be a seismic interpreter, an important member of coal mining companies, a structural analysts, a soil tester etc. Thus a geophysicist’s CV must be adequate and comprehensive. It must outline his field of interest and the reasons for it.

Sample Geophysicist CV

Brain Martin

23A West Park Avenue

Central Park Area

New York

Telephone number: 74637465

Mobile number: 348747564

Email address:

Career Objectives:

I hope to be employed as a seismic interpreter in a reputed company dealing with geological interests like petroleum or coal. My expertise and considerable experience in this field will stand me in good stead and allow me to make a lasting contribution to society.

Educational Background:

2002: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Cornell University.

2004: Obtained a Master’s degree in Physics specializing in Geophysics from Harvard University. I was awarded a summa cum laude.

2004: Also made a Fellow of Geophysicist Club, Harvard.

Professional Qualifications:

  • I have excellent grasp of my subject and am consider an authority on seismic interpretation by many international committees.
  • I have huge experience in this field and can make an effective contribution.
  • I have the dedication and honesty to work long hours and make the most of my skills. I am also a tireless worker.

Professional Experience:

2007-2010: Worked as part of the US Govt.’s flagship project dealing with seismic interpretation after the tsunamis of 2004.

2010-Present: I am working as a consultant geophysicist on the IHA oil refinery project; responsibilities include marking drilling sites, testing soil stress capacity and effective waste management.

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