Nuclear Equipment Technician CV

A nuclear equipment technician must be trained in handling extremely sensitive and sophisticated equipment which need careful monitoring. This requires considerable skill and technical acumen. Thus a nuclear equipment technician CV must encompass all the necessary details about the candidate in order to provide a clear picture about his or her suitability for the job position.

Sample Nuclear Equipment Technician CV:

Daniel Sanders

456 West Court Road


Telephone number: 83775643

Mobile number: 487767656/ 387767476

Email address:

Career Objective:

I want to seek a position in a nuclear power plant as an equipment technician. This work will not only be challenging, but it will also, in a way, benefit society through the generation of power. I am a skilled worker and my previous experience in this field will help me.

Educational Background:

2005: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree from University of Texas in Nuclear Physics.

2007: Obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge in Nuclear Physics with a high first class.

2008: Became a full time member of the Nuclear Workers’ Guild [NWG]

Professional Qualifications:

I have achieved all the necessary permits and government clearances issued to nuclear technicians. Photocopies of these documents are enclosed with my application form.

I am a skilled worker with a lot of dedication and sincerity.

My previous experiences of working in nuclear power plants equip me with the knowledge of what it takes to work in such conditions.

Professional Experience:

2008-Present: Working as an assistant technician in the JUTA Nuclear Plant in Washington D.C.

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