Nuclear Power Plant Engineer CV

A nuclear power plant engineer will be required to control the operations of a civilian nuclear plant facility, monitor its production and capacity and detect threats of any abnormal activity which may have far reaching consequences. A nuclear power plant CV thus must have the requisite training and academic background and a nuclear power plant engineer’s CV must be appropriate.

Sample Nuclear Power Plant Engineer CV:

Tuscan Roberts

Red Street


Telephone number: 4674756

Mobile number: 734877645

Email address:

Career Objective:

I want to be employed as a nuclear power plant engineer in a government set up. This will not only allow me to use my degree constructively, but also provide me with invaluable experience and field work that will add a lit to my professional resume.

Educational Background:

2007: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering, with Particle Physics as a major from MIT, Boston.

2009: Obtained a Master’s degree in Nuclear Fission Technology with a summa cum laude from Harvard University.

Professional Qualification:

During my academic stint at Harvard, we were subjected to enormous amounts of fieldwork in the US government’s various nuclear power plants.

This provided me with invaluable experience of working in the actual conditions of a nuclear power plant.

I am diligent and industrious worker who is aware of the enormity of the responsibilities entrusted to a nuclear power plant engineer.

Professional Experience:

2009-2011: Trainee engineer in the USCIVIL nuclear power plant in Illinois. I was awarded the “GK Tester Award for excellent performance” in 2010.

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