Oil Exploration Consultant CV

An oil exploration consultant is an expert who looks into different projects related to oil exploration in various oil fields. Therefore the resume of an oil exploration consultant CV should have essential details of his past experiences that can throw a light into his skills and ability to go to different places and handle a contract. It should be very specific in its details since it is a job of skills.

Sample Oil Exploration Consultant CV

Personal details of applicant-


Name- Joseph Haley Blanks.

Address- 23, Vermont Avenue,

Calcadar Boulevard,

Washington DC 26329

Phone number- 23676-2744

Email id- blanksjb@gmail.com

Career objectives:-

With sufficient knowledge and experience in oil exploration, I can always aid people who are working in the drilling and collection of oil from different parts of the world. Through my consultancy services, I aim to assist and help in innovating newer techniques of drilling and discoveries in the exploration.

Educational Background:-


2002-Masters in Oil Exploration Techniques, University of Virginia.

2000- Bachelors in Oil Exploration Techniques, Washington College of Marine Studies.

Professional Experience:-

2003- present-Abu Dhabi Oil Fields.

1) Thorough research in Oil formation and the patterns of exploration.

2) Various exploration of oil tested to find out the different kind of crude oil available there.

3) Led The Khalija Oil Project team to find more about oil formation in the concerned geographic region.


  • Assigning drilling and exploration projects to subordinates at specific places where collection and research is required for future use.
  • Conducting thorough research along with colleagues and team of subordinates and disseminating essential information to organisations about the discoveries.

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