Oil Refinery Manager CV

An oil refinery manager is a person, who is responsible for managing the various projects of the oil refinery. He is in charge of the entire organization and coordinates the planning, execution and implementation of various projects as well as supervises the workers and members of the refinery. Thus an oil refinery manager CV should include his education qualifications, his field of specialization and his past work experiences.

Sample Oil Refinery Manager CV

William Kane

45, Locust Street

Albany, PG 23154

Mobile number: 44 125 66098

Telephone number: 44 5548 46567

Email: wkane45@gmail.com

Career Objective:

Seeking for the post of an oil refinery manager in a reputed company, which can utilize my educational and professional skills, for their betterment. I shall work with the best of my abilities and try to meet the company’s financial objectives by assimilating my educational, professional, technical and managerial skills.

Educational Qualification:

1997-2000: Bachelor of Science in Geophysics, University of London.

2000-2001: of Science in Petroleum management, Centre for Petroleum Studies.

2002: Diploma in Refinery management, University of Glasgow.

Work Experience:

  • 2003-2006: Saudi Oil Refinery (Oil Refinery Executive)


I.    Preparing refinery plans and budgets.

II.    Supervisor of refinery management trainees.

III.    Project coordinator and business supervisor.

  • 2006-2009: Iraq Oil Field Refinery (Oil Refinery Foreman)


I.    Supervisor and chief mentor of team members.

II.    Controller of payment account.

III.    Chief Executive, implements and accessories department.

IV.    Equipments and product distributor.

  • 2009-present: COP oil refinery, Houston, TX (Oil refinery manager)


I.    Team member recruitment.

II.    Project supervisor and distributor.

III.    Managing equipments and inventory department.

IV.    Trainer promotion and level checking.

Hobbies: Travelling and reading.

Achievements: Graduation (first class honours).

Post Graduation (first class degree).

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