Oil Rig Crane Operator CV

An oil rig crane operator is a person, who has the responsibility of operating all the cranes on the oil rig. He also has the responsibility of supervising the assistant crane operator and the roustabout crew. The oil rig crane operator CV should highlight his educational degree and his previous work experiences as a crane operator or an assistant crane operator. A crane operator needs to be an experienced person.

Sample Oil Rig Crane Operator CV

Thomas Kane

11, Elm Street

Boston, BL 47721

Mobile Number: 44 909 58746

Telephone Number: 44 1051 57646

Email: tkane11@gmail.com

Career Objective:

Seeking the job of a crane operator in a reputed company, where I can utilize and execute my skills and knowledge, gaining experience and helping the company to meet its financial objectives.

Educational Qualification:

1999-2002: Bachelor of Sciences in Heavy Equipment Service, Ohio University.

2003: Passed the NCCCO and COTP certification test of a Crane Operator.

Work Experience:

  • 2003-2006: Hamilton Co. Inc., Ca.


I.    Assistant crane operator and pipe fitter.

II.    Signal controller for crane operations.

III.    Maintenance and repairing of offshore and onshore cranes.

IV.    Assistant freight transporter.

V.    All other duties as assigned by supervisors.

  • 2006-present: Talzec Co. Inc., Ca.


I.    NCCCO certified crane operator.

II.    Supervised and trained assistant crane operators.

III.    Chairperson, Crane Installation Committee.

IV.    Repairing, maintenance and upgrading of offshore and onshore cranes.

V.    Supervision and training of Roustabouts.

VI.    Inspection and maintenance of inventories like chains, ropes and other equipments.

VII.    Monitored fuel supply for offshore and onshore cranes.

VIII.    Preparation and presentation of Crane reports.

Hobbies: reading, writing, traveling.


I.    Topped NCCCO certification test.

II.    NCCCO certified Pipe fitter.

III.    Chairperson, NCCCO training team.

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