Oil Rig manager CV

An oil rig manager is that employee of an oil rigging company who is in charge of handling and managing the oil rig operations and monitoring the drilling exercises. It is the duty of the oil rig manager to keep check of the equipments used and the crew working on the site. This job profile needs knowledge of the task involved along with managerial skills. Thus the applicant’s CV should give a clear picture of the qualifications and skills that he holds. The following is sample Oil Rig Manager CV.

Sample oil rig manager CV

Name: Ted Grant

Gender: Male

Age: 34 years

Address: 2-N, natt road edge, Liverpool

Email: tedgrant@gmail.com

Contact number: 437948703948

Academical details:

  • Completed graduation in physics from university of Bath, UK in the year 1996.
  • Completed Post graduation in advanced Geology from University of Bath in the year 1998.
  • Diploma course in management skills from advanced management institute, Liverpool in the year 1999.

Special skills and points of expertise:

  • Special interest in the field of Oil and its products.
  • Expert managerial skills along with superb commanding skills.
  • Good communication skills and in depth knowledge of the equipments used on the oil rig site.


  • To be a hard working employee of the company and live up to the expectations.
  • To be recognised for the dedication and devotion put in.
  • To work towards yielding large quantities of oil and processing it in a productive manner.

Previous experience details:

Have been an employee with Greg enterprises for 6 years as an oil rig manager and expert.

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