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A paleontologist is a person whose job is related to studying pre historic life and organisms. He works towards understanding the evolution process and how the organisms were linked to the environment. This is a vast field which can include areas such as ancient climates, fossil, biology, animals etc…This job profile is only suitable and open for only those who have the required knowledge and expertise in this field. The CV of a palaeontologist should look like the following sample:

Sample paleontologist CV

Personal details

Name: Jack Nathan

Age: 35 years

Residential Address: 45-J, peak street, West London

Mobile number:  48734908354



I am interested in the evolution and ecomorphology of Mesozoic mammals. I wish to work in an organisation where I can focus on the evolution of molar morphology. I also want to work towards research work in such a way that it proves beneficial.

Academic details

  • Graduation in Biology from Reading university which involved submitting of report relating to mammals and their relationship with the environment.
  • Post graduation in palaeontology from NYU where I was awarded a scholarship training program with Westwood Org.
  • Diploma course work pursued for 6 months in the research and study of Mesozoic mammals.
  • PhD in Palaeontology

Work experience:

  • Research assistant for Dr. Richard Cliff which included work of collection of fossils and matrix determination.
  • Undergraduate teaching experience in palaeontology in Warwick university.
  • Assistant editor of Acta Polonica which included primary editing work and submitting those manuscripts which included fossil vertebrates.

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