Petroleum Geologist CV

Petroleum Geology is a field of work that is concerned with areas such as mining, source, trapping, maturation and migration etc…The job of a petroleum geologist is hence connected to one of these fields. A person with the required minimum eligibility criteria and other skills can apply to this job profile. The CV of a petroleum geologist must contain information about educations, qualifications, skills and areas of interest. The following is a sample petroleum geologist CV that might help those looking for one.

Sample petroleum geologist CV

Personal details:

Brad Adams

Mobile number: 4738934487809

Email address:

312-P, third floor, Lower road district



  • Graduation from New York University in Physical sciences in the year 1997.
  • PG from NYU in Advanced geology in the year 2000 where I backed the award for the top scoring student both years.
  • Diploma course of petroleum geology from Geological sciences unit, CA.

Skills and expertise

  • Specialisation in petroleum products and tests done on them to increase yield and devise new methods of usage.
  • Huge interest in the maturation process.
  • Extremely hardworking and dedicated to the job at hand.


List of past records

  • Worked as a junior petroleum geologist at National Oil Corp.  For 3 years where I was in charge of onsite operations.
  • Worked as the site inspector in the petroleum extracting site with the government projects for 4 years.

Future goals

To devise techniques and methods that maximise the yield and benefits the nation.

To work to the best of my abilities.

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