Petroleum Manager CV

A petroleum manager is a highly skilled individual who looks after the nation’s petroleum department or any oil and Petroleum Company’s petroleum unit. His job is to supervise all petroleum engineering projects and ensure that targets are met. Since this job requires special qualifications, hence the applicant must draft his CV in such a way that it gives enough information about his educational background and other skills. The following is a sample of a petroleum manager CV.

Sample petroleum manager CV

Personal information

Name: Tim Radcliff

Age: 35 years

Address: 67-P, Kelly Street, East London

Contact number: 48093480934

Email address:


To expand the scope of petroleum and energy management in such a way that it not only benefits the company but also the nation.

To work in a company which allows flexibility in the manner of working and welcomes new ideas.

Academic background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics which was pursued from Liverpool University in the year 1997.Backed the best student award at the completion of graduation.
  • Master’s degree in energy management which was pursued from Warwick University in the year 2000.Total aggregate was 70% with distinction in all subjects.

Professional background:

  • Worked with Ugan petroleum Co. as the senior petroleum manager where I brought about many changes which helped in profiting the company in a major way.
  • Worked with Greg Oils limited for a period of 4 years where I was awarded the best employee award.

I shall prove to be an employee who brings about dedication into the job and my hardwork shall reflect in the tasks performed.

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