Global Purchasing Manager CV

A global purchasing manager is one who looks after the supply and purchasing department of an organisation with regards to clients from all over the world .Beside supervision, the global purchasing manager has to ensure that the company’s relation with the outside world is a profitable one. A candidate applying for this post should have his business skills and qualifications clearly mentioned in the global purchasing manager CV.

Sample Global Purchasing Manager CV


Personal Details of the candidate-


Name- Mary Stevens

Address- 438, East Birmingham Street,


Phone Number- (241)428-4738

Email id-

Career Objectives:-

A Global Purchasing Manager looking out for an opportunity to meet the most challenging objectives and take the company to greater heights in the near future. Besides, keeping up with the marketing standards while adding a new perspective to the global purchasing scenario.

Educational Background.


2004-Master in Financial Administration, University of Birmingham.

2002- Bachelors in Economics, University of Birmingham.

Professional Experience:-

2005- Assistant Purchasing Manager in Tinvalley Associations.


  • Supervising the different subordinates who are engaged in the different activities of purchasing department.
  • Taking charge of all the contracts and ensuring delivery procedure is carried out perfectly.
  • Developing the department by taking decisions about the look and style of packaging of products and supplies and keeping track of the market scenario.
  • Maintaining a harmonious relation with clients from different countries and parts of the world and promoting the organisation and its products efficiently.


2008- Award for the Best Assistant Director of Purchase and Marketing.

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