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The field of purchasing is similar in many ways to that of procurement and purchasing. In fact applicants with experience in these two areas will have a great advantage over others without this experience. This field is accommodative to professionals from various other fields. You do not have to study for a degree, diploma or certificate in merchandising. Qualifications in other areas and experience in the field of purchasing or procurement may be enough to pique the interest of recruiters.

Employers seeking to recruit personnel in merchandising look for character traits and skills such as innovation, problem solving skills, information technology skills and experience in areas that are related to merchandising, purchasing and procurement such as experience in procurement or managerial positions. Demonstrate as far as possible in your CV that you have these skills and experience in a field in which you have gained skills that can be transferred to the merchandising field if you want to be considered for employment in merchandising.  

SampleMerchandiser CV

Elisa Stone

Cloud Street

Canterbury, Kent

Telephone No: 43 434 545

Mobile No: 9878345


Career Objective:

Highly qualified and experienced merchandiser seeking position as a merchandiser manager at an importing and exporting shipping firm. Seeking to advance in career to position of overall merchandising manager. The position should also allow for further study in the area of merchandising. Believes extensive experience as a merchandiser and innovation in approach to problem solving will be an asset to the shipping company.

Educational Background:

Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies    Merchant College     2001 – 2003

Certificate in Accountancy      Merchant College     2000 – 2001

Professional Background:

2004 – 2008: Merchandising Manager at the Shipping Company


  • Organized for and oversaw the purchase of goods and services to the shipping company
  • Checked the received supplies to ensure they were in order
  • Inspected supplies before their purchase
  • Carried out extensive research regarding suppliers before their hiring
  • Supervised the offloading and distribution of delivered supplies
  • Supervised students on internship and recently hired staff

2001 – 2003 Accountant at the Shipping Company


  • Balanced Accounting Books at the end of every working day
  • Maintained and updated accounting records
  • Sought methods of reducing expenditure while increasing revenue
  • Calculated and distributed payment for workers on commission


  • Introduced new methods of saving money and increasing revenue at the Shipping Company
  • Introduced new education support system that has seen ten subordinate workers sponsored to institutions of higher learning and return to the Shipping company with higher qualifications

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