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A purchasing associate deals with both suppliers and dealers in order to negotiate and create the best deals for his company. He has to handle the purchases of the company and maintain transparent records. He also has to negotiate prices and handle a lot of financial matters for the company. Thus a purchasing associate’s CV should aptly highlight his qualifications in these fields.

Sample Purchasing Associate CV

Matthew Johnson

23 Cotton Street

Lincoln Park


Telephone number: 3764658

Mobile number: 3477475647

Email address: mattj.1900@ymail.com

Career Objective:

I want to be employed as a purchasing associate in a reputed company that will entrust me with the responsibility of handling its purchases as well as encourage me to utilize my talents in negotiating the best deals without being dishonest.

Educational Background:

2005: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Oxford University in Business Administration.

2007: Obtained a Master’s degree from the same institution with a first class distinction.

2008: Participated in an international seminar held on “Business Ethics” in Los Angeles.

Professional Qualification:

I have excellent business acumen and can easily negotiate with dealers and suppliers to further the interest of the company in an honest and efficient manner.

I also have many clerical skills and can easily maintain purchasing records and other forms of bookkeeping. I am also a trained shorthand typist.

Professional Experience:

2009-2011: Worked as a purchasing assistant in the Taylor Group for two years. I was adjudged “Best Performer of the Year” in the year 2010.

Currently I am employed as a purchasing assistant in Delta Software.

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