• An Academic Researcher has to continuously study the latest trends going on in various fields and accordingly make the changes in ongoing academic program. He also has to work on the industry requirements and student psychology to adept the changes made into the course curriculum making it to indeed a responsible job.

Sample CV for Academic Research

Kerin L. Venil
7, Commercial Street,

Home: 214-568-5908

Cell: 214-545-6796

Objective :
To seek a position of an Academic Researcher in such a organization where I can best utilize my industry-education knowledge and can apply it for making a better course curriculum for the benefit of student and society as well.

Work Experience :

The education Board of Manchester, Manchester, 2006-2009: Served as an academic researcher and made appropriate changes according to future consideration. Also introduced new technical practical programs to aware students about the industry culture.
Academic Research’s Objectives :

  • To make course changes accordingly future needs
  • To interact with corporate people at regular interval
  • To do analysis of past courses and make changes accordingly so that students can adapt it fast.
  • To arrange some seminars and workshops on general awareness of academic importance.
  • To introduce new chapters after analyzing  and summarizing only

Qualifications :

2003-2006: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Exeter, Exeter.

2006-2008: M.B.A. in H.R., Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.

Achievements :

Ranked the University two times in 2006 and 2008.

Hobbies :

  • Commodity Trading
  • Solving Puzzles

References : “upon request

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