A Clinical Researcher has to work in clinics where he has to study the reports of patients and study progress. He has to communicate findings to sub-team, clinical development team and pharmacokinetics. Thus he has to develop detailed study outlines and ensure medical and scientific input in study reports.

Sample CV for Clinical Research

Calvin M. Stuart

43,Athol Street,

Home: 214-545-5678

Cell: 214-545-8899

Objective :
To obtain a position in such a organization where I can deliver my best knowledge in research work to carry out the required results.

Work Experience:

The Manchester Clinic for Research and Healthcare, Manchester, 2007-2009: Worked as Chief Researcher to forecast timelines, budget, materials and resource for a defined component of the CDP. Also recommended choice of study placement and participated in negotiations with liaison.

Clinical Researcher’s Objectives :

  • To manage the delivery of clinical study protocols, clinical study reports, study agreements and applications.
  • To Monitor study progress such as patient recruitment and protocol compliance.
  • To study data listings and tables review, including scientific content and data validation.
  • To train internal and external study personnel in study specific procedures.
  • Interpret data arising from studies and assess potential consequences for development program.

Qualifications :

2003-2006: Bachelor of Science with Biology, University of Derby, Derby.

2006-2007: Certificate from the Institute of Science & Research (ISR), UK.

Achievements :

Awarded as Overall Performing Student at ISR,UK in 2007.

Hobbies :

  • Reading Novels
  • Web-Browsing

References : “upon request

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