Market Research Executive CV

A market research executive is an individual who is hired by an organisation to help collect market information and then analyse it to find out the response of the customers and clients towards the company’s products. This is the kind of a job which requires people with good analytical skills and communication skills. A market research executive CV is the CV of a person who wants to become a market research executive in a company and is applying for the same. A sample of a market research executive has been given below and can be referred to for help.

Sample Market Research Executive CV

Market Research Executive CV

Paula Anderson

Address: 234 Charles road, London

Contact: 4703470350



Statement of Purpose:

Seeking the job position of a market research executive at an organisation which shall provide me with a chance to exercise my skills, talent, experience and my academical knowledge in a way which helps the organisation to be successful.

Educational Qualifications:

  • I pursued my bachelor’s degree in business administration from New York University in the year 2003.
  • I then completed my master’s in business administration from Illinois University in the year 2005.
  • I have also gained diploma certificate in market research in the year 2006.


  • I possess exceptional communication skills and interpersonal abilities.
  • I have a passion for research and am extremely dedicated and focused.

Professional Experience:

2006-2009: worked as a market research analyst at GREG CORPORATION

Work Profile

  • I was responsible for conducting market research by designing market surveys and questionnaires.
  • I was also responsible for using the medium of online surveys to find out market opinion about the company’s projects among customers.

2009-present: market research executive at TIMOTHY CORP.

Work Profile

  • I was responsible for conducting market research and using opinions of the public to bring about changes in the products and services.

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