Medical Research CV

A medical researcher is some one who makes researches about pharmaceuticals and tells if there are plenty of them in the market and what makes it non identical from any other medication. He oversees how much can the market afford of it, and what is the allowed share of the market.

Sample Medical Research CV Format

Nadine moor

99th Street

New Jersey

New York

Mobile No: +43 476345737

Telephone No: +5567356783568

Career Objective: to use my communication skills, research skills in finding a decent job in a well reputed pharmaceutical company or a well equipped hospital. I am fluent in both English and computer skills to match everything the work needs

.Professional Experience:

Medication LTD: 2006-2009: worked as a n assistant medical researcher

Medication LTD: from 2009 and till now: working as medical researcher.

Medical Research Objectives:

  • To prepare the project plan
  • To supervise and watch the clinical trials
  • To ensure strict maintaining of guidelines as mentioned
  • To ensure a convenient adherence of the whole process
  • To ensure that trackers are following what the company want
  • To create better processing to confirm on the adequacy of data
  • To be able to work under pressure
  • To participate in night shift work


2003-2006: BA of science, Florida University


I was awarded the employee of the year in Medication LTD in 2008


  • cruising
  • foot ball
  • hand ball
  • reading ancient story books


“Upon request”

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