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A Research Student is always at high expectations from the employer. A research student must have made enough publications and at least 4-5 research projects during his or her academics and afterwards. For your future in research field you have to make your portfolio sound enough that justify you as a research student. You must have sharp mind and problem solving and analytical skills.

Sample Research student CV


To work for a reputed research organization where I can have a challenging job with a professional work environment. To become a part of critical research that can give me an opportunity to achieve a high professional growth by working as a team member and carry out vital tasks that would produce profit oriented results for the organization.

Work Experience:

I have worked with BBSRC for two years. I have worked on following projects at organization.

    • Performance analysis of an anti-biotic on different types of body cells.
    • Genetic analysis of body cells of different spices and made a report on effects of different drugs on cells.
    • I have worked as a team member in a project upon Bioinformatics.

Objective of a research student:

    • To carry out any small job of the project with full of responsibility.
    • To cooperate with the team throughout the project.
    • To manage, train and coordinate all team members working under him or her.
    • To manage schedule all necessary tests in time.


    • B.Sc in microbiology, Imperial College, London(2004-2006).
    • M.Sc in Biotechnology, The institute of Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge.(2006-2008).


    • I have published a research paper on drugs from nature in international conference of Bio Science 2009.
    • I have published a research paper on cell biology in national conference 2008.
    • To prepare weekly and monthly reports.


    • Reading books
    • Playing Tennis


    • “upon request”

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