Bookstore CV

A bookstore CV is a document that furnishes the requirements of effective keeping of a bookstore. It must lay down the details of the person and his abilities regarding bookkeeping and book monitoring so that the bookstore owner can trust and rely on him completely with the books, accounts and business.


Sample Bookstore Keeper CV


Personal information:

Name: Jack Joe

Residential Address: Godmother Street

Red Roses Apartment, Floor number 20

Flat number 101

Residence number: 2204485

Cell phone number: 4027307

Email Address:

Career goals:

A bookstore keeper, with a genuine passion for reading, is looking for a job of a bookstore manager in a book shop that would give me a scope to exhibit my knowledge about books and ability to make correct recommendations for educational institutions to ensure development of the society and promotion of the business through the reigning profits.


Academic credentials:


2008: Bachelors of Arts in Library Sciences

Grade: A+

2010: Masters of Arts in Library Sciences

Grade: A

University name: Collingate University


Special position held at junior and senior school level:

Book Monitor through class 5 to class 8

Work experiences:

Post: Library keeper and Accounts Manager

Place: National Book Library

Period: December 2011 to March 2012

Area of skills:

Accounting and numbering books

Keeping track of customer demands and payment details

Computerised way of locating books

Key duties of a bookstore keeper:

Stock books and magazines in correct order

Maintain records of books delivered and received

Keep documents and receipts of payments and other transactions

Assist customers in selection and purchase of the books they are looking for

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