Generally Retail Sales Associate is responsible for selling products to customers. He has to scan products, make the totals of orders, cover the products, issue receipts, make changes as needed and handle exchanged products. He keeps contacts between the possible markets and customers. He also can work as cashier.

Sample CV for Retail Sales Associate

Samual M. Brewer
89, Beaufort Street,

Home: 214-568-5478

Cell: 214-545-6785
Email: smbrewer

Objective :
Looking for the position of Retail Sales Associate to work with a leading shop or company where I can use my experience to build up a strong relationship between customers and the firm.

Work Experience :

The Cygnus Retail Store, London, 2006-2009: Worked as Retail Sales Associate and handled countless number of customers to help them in buying the better product from the store. Also worked as cashier sometimes. Handled order and supply for the store for 5 months.

Retail Sales Associate’s Objectives :

  • To help customers in purchasing the product.
  • To handle gift department and house wares.
  • To do analysis of past unpaid accounts and documented the new payment plans.
  • To arrange some holiday encouragement gift plans to increase the sales.
  • To do bookkeeping, recording of department, improve sales and business.

Qualifications :

2003-2006: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire.

Achievements :

Won The Best Sales Associate of the Year Award at The Cygnus Retail Store, London in 2008.

Hobbies :

  • Commodity Trading
  • Playing Chess

References : “upon request

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