Retail cashier is the person who interacts with each and every customer. His humble nature can improve the reputation in the market. He is responsible for collecting cash and delivering goods to the customers. He is also responsible for providing standard services to the customers.

Sample Retail Cashier CV


John Smith
123, Hollow Street,
Home: (123) 456-7890


To become a part of a reputed firm where I can help the organization touch pinnacles with the help of experience, capabilities and abilities. To obtain a responsible position that gives a supportive environment and provides me a platform to improve my skills.

Work Experience:

SpringsFresh 2007-2010: I have worked at SpringsFresh retail store as a retail cashier for three years. I am having very good communication skills and experience has taught me a great savvy to communicate with customers. As I can speak English, French and Spanish fluently, I can attract more customers to come and visit the store for their necessity. I have a good typing speed and can work smoothly with computer.

Retail cashier’s objectives:

  • To explain all details of payment methods to the customers.
  • To attract and bring more customers by reacting and behaving nicely.
  • To give clean and clear details of sales and daily collection to accounts department.
  • To explain current offers and schemes on the products that can be beneficial to customers.


  • B.S in accounts 2004-2006, Thames valley University.


  • I got the first place in business administration competition while studying in the college.
  • I was one of the players in the college cricket team that was champion in inter college cricket championship 2007.


  • Dancing
  • Travelling


“upon request”.

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