Retail Coordinator CV

The work of a retail coordinator is to assist the manager in procuring products, servicing customers and coordinating store related activities or processes. Hence, a retail coordinator CV must highlight the essential qualities of a candidate that is demanded by the position. Moreover, the CV should be so designed that it must detail the relevant skills and qualification of an individual required to function as a coordinator in retail industry.

Sample Retail Coordinator CV

Runa Michael

67, Russell Street

South California- 899

Phone number: 46577881

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong desire to utilize my dedication for acquiring a position of retail coordinator in a repute retail company or store. Moreover, being a coordinator, I want to expose my skills in various challenges.

Educational Background:

2001-2003: Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, California School of Business, California, USA

2003-2005: Masters Degree in Business Administration, California School of Business, California, USA

2005-2006: Vocational Degree in Retail Management. University of California, California, USA

Professional Experience:

  • Worked as a Retail Trainee Supervisor in Yorkshire retailers for 2 years.
  • Worked as an Assistant Retail Coordinator in Stop and Shop store for 3years

Responsibilities performed:

  • Managed the functions and operations during the establishment of new outlets
  • Assisted in hiring personnel according to the need of the company.
  • Helped in coordinating the process and operation along with the retail manager inorder to bring maximum profit for the company.
  • Participated in ensuring the formation of corporate policies and retail strategies as per the norms of the company.

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