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A retail director is a person who handles all the tasks related to the purchasing, selling & customer’s clarification on different services or products! Apart of that the retail director’s duty also involves in setting goal, hiring the associates! In other words the retail director is completely responsible for the profit & loss or outcomes of a particular organization.

A retail director has to make a strong qualification as well as work experience to make a potential CV!  The retail director generally works under the retail manager or executives hence it is very important for the retail director to fulfill all his responsibilities!

Sample Retail Director CV

Mark Brandon

8th chamber, downtown,

San Andreas, California -59

Phone: 0345689


Professional objectives: To work in the exigent situations, which can make the improvements in my qualities, beneficial for me and the organizations also.

Hiko malls ezone products; I worked there for 10 years in the time period of 1991 to 2000! In the mid 1998’s I got promotion and moved to more responsibilities of retail managers! I also got the opportunity to look for being in the boards of managers to look for the further goals and achievement them!

Retail director objectives:

1.To appoint, evaluate the professionals and in extreme conditions dismissing them also

2.To look for the products cost ,and other manipulations related to their quality and hence ultimately decision taking on the product selling

3.To figure out the sales

4.To work with the top clients for solving their issues and problems

Educational Qualifications:

Completed the post graduation in Business Administration from Amity University in the time period of 1981 to 1990.


I have been awarded by following awards in my work period of ezone!

Best retail director for the year in 1994.

Best customers associate in 1997.

Best goal achiever in 1999.


Playing rugby

Ring fighting

Playing chess and computer games

Investing in stock exchange.


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