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A Retail Merchandisers the one who analyzes the products he is about to buy from sellers and evaluates their viability then he sets a convenient price on them, and determine if it worth taking into consider after paying the local tax obligations. He is expected to make profits using schemes promotions, special discounts etc. Retail Merchandiser works in harmony with the Retail Coordinator and the Retail Manager and it is essential for harmonious working.

Sample Retail Merchandiser CV Format

Mark Dolor

55th Street




Mobile No: +43 473568356

Telephone No: +5656868689

Career Objective: To use my innovation and communication skills to help buyers and sellers earning profits through my job as a Retail Merchandiser.

.Professional Experience:

Great Deal: 2006-2009: worked as a assistant Merchandiser

Great Deal: from 2009 and till now: working as a Retail Merchandiser.

Retail Merchandiser Objectives:

  • To best determine the value of products
  • To make the daily bills
  • To deal with sellers to extract promotions and offers for maximum profit
  • To promote new brands through special offers and discounts.
  • To renew the older stock via sales, discounts, and special offers
  • To maintain the best retail price for brands so that all still remain in profit
  • To be able to work under pressure
  • To communicate well with buyers and sellers


2003-2006: BA of accounting, Boston University


I was awarded the employee of the year in great Deal in 2008


  • biking
  • swimming
  • running


“Upon request”

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