Retail Template CV

A retail template CV outlines the resume of a candidate who wishes to join the retail industry. It should form the layout of a resume which must have all the important points highlighted. Moreover, it should also be framed in a way so that it remains successful in achieving recruiter’s acceptance and help them to gauge the candidate’s ability through it.

Sample Retail Template CV

Personal Details: [In this section a candidate must outline all the necessary personal details so that the recruiters find it easier to contact with the desired candidate]

Name of the candidate ____________________________

Date of birth _____________________

Address of the candidate _____________________

Contact number __________________________

Academic Background: [This section must essentially enunciate the educational qualification of the candidate related to field of retail]

  • _________________________________ [Description of academic qualification 1]
  • _________________________________ [Description of academic qualification 2]
  • _________________________________ [Description of academic qualification 3]

Professional Experience: [In this section mention about the professional experience gathered by the candidate in the field of retailing]

  • ____________________________ [Description of professional experience 1]
  • ____________________________ [Description of professional experience 2]
  • ____________________________ [Description of professional experience 3]

Achievements: [In this section the candidate must elaborately state all his or her achievements throughout the academic career so that it is easier for the recruiters to gauge the true abilities in the field of retailing]

  • ______________________________ [Description of achievement 1]
  • ______________________________ [Description of achievement 2]
  • ______________________________ [Description of achievement 3]

Hobbies: [In this section candidate should mention about the sidelines which interest him or her.]

  • ___________________[ description of hobby 1]
  • ___________________[ description of hobby 2]




Retail CV

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