Shop Assistant CV

A shop assistant task varies depending upon the requirements of the store and its capacity. Therefore, a shop assistant CV must outline the essential skills of an individual required for assisting a shop operation. The essential job includes handling of payments, maintenance of stores, restocking of shelves etc. Even the CV should be so designed that it is effective to gauge the attitude and approach of the individual as well.

Sample Shop Assistant CV

Richa Matthew

96, South Bay

Texas: 789

Contact number: 8798090

Email id:

Career Objective:

I have a strong determination to excel in the field of retailing and shop assistances by utilizing my organizational and communication skills. Moreover, I have an aim to bring maximum profit by servicing the customers at its best.

Educational Background:

  • 1995-1997: Bachelor’s of Commerce, Denver University, USA
  • 1998: One year vocational course in retail management.

Professional Qualification:

  • Worked as an intern at “Happy Style” company in 1998 for 3months.
  • Worked as a shop assistant for 5 years in “Dresses for Dressers” on 1999 onwards.

Responsibilities performed:

  • Guided the customer according to their needs.
  • Help other shop assistants to maintain the stock and shelves of the shop
  • Successfully performed the cashier duties and even maintained countless number of customers at the point of service


  • Certified as the “Best intern of 1998 batch” at retailing shop “Happy Style”.
  • Certified as “Best on duty performer in handling point of services and customers at retailing shop “Happy Style”.

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