Supermarket Manager CV

A supermarket manager is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing operations in his supermarket, and ensuring that daily activities are run smoothly in order to facilitate customer as well as employee satisfaction. Hence a supermarket manager CV must comprehensively highlight these qualities which may facilitate his employment.

Sample Supermarket Manager CV

Jason Roberts

34B Canal Street

Harley town


Telephone number: 8477567622 [R] 7475746565 [O]

Cellular number: 857485647675

Email address:

Career Objective:

To be employed as a supermarket manager in Super Stores Pvt. Ltd. in order to utilize my considerable work experience in departmental stores, as well as to be associated with a reputed brand like Super Stores.

Educational Background:

2004: Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science from George Washington University with a first class distinction.

2005: Obtained a Master of Business Administration, specializing in Sales Administration from Georgia University with a high second class.

2007: Completed a correspondence course in Sales Innovations from Louisiana University.

Professional Qualifications:

  • I have excellent communication skills and know how to speak my mind clearly and get my point across without resorting to bullying tactics.
  • I have considerable experience in working in supermarkets in various capacities and thus am familiar with the whole setup.

Professional Experience:

2006-2009: Worked as a sales executive in The One-Stop-Shop. Responsibilities included bookkeeping, managing client profiles, regular inspection of goods as well as framing official reports at the end of every month.

2009-Present: Working as a supermarket assistant manager in Shopper’s Paradise.

A detailed professional resume shall be mailed only if asked for.

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