Entry level sales CV

Entry level sales CV is a document that is made or drafted by those individuals who are interested in getting a job as a fresh sales employees in a company or an organisation. This kind of a job is like a learning period or training for new employees who don’t have much experience in the sales field. The CV of an entry level sales employee should talk about his academics, skills, knowledge and qualification details which make him suitable for the job. The following is a sample of an entry level sales CV.

Sample entry level sales CV

Name: Bill Matt

Age: 34 years

Phone: 479284094008

Address: D-10, greater mansion building, LA


Academic qualifications

Schooling: from Peter’s catholic institute

College: Graduation pursued in Mathematics from Manchester University, UK.

PG pursued in advanced management skills from Boston University, UK.


  • To use my education in the most productive manner.
  • To bring out the best of my dedication and hardwork in the work that I do.
  • To learn sales techniques and ideas from seniors at work.
  • To lead a sales team in a respectable company in the future.

Skills and expertise areas:

  • Great communication skills along with a cheerful disposition.
  • Quick learner and ability to adapt to new environments and situations soon.
  • Hardworking and dedicated.

Previous work experience

  • Trained under Dr. Mathew Symonds for 12 months wherein I learned about sales and marketing strategies.
  • Worked as a member of the sales team at junior level in Hedley Co.

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