Inside Sales manager CV

An inside sales manager is a person who is responsible for all the internal sales processes of an organisation. He/she monitors and reports on sales metrics, provides training and coaching to accounts executives and looks after the administration process. The CV of an inside sales manager should be powerful enough to convince the employers and must consist of details relating to the applicant’s skills and qualifications. The following is a sample of an inside sales manager CV.

Sample inside sales manager CV

Fredrick Jones

Address: 45-J, North West district, East San Francisco

Mobile number: 483094830940

Email address:

Age: 34 years

Career objective:

  • To build a strong and solid sales generation team that shall exceed the sales goals.
  • To meet deadlines before time and work to the best of my abilities and knowledge to bring about positive changes in the working manner of the company
  • To lead a respectable inside sales department.

Academic details:

  • Bachelor in Arts from NYU. Awarded with several titles including best student award and all rounder award.
  • Masters in business administration and management from Bristol business school.

Skills and strong points:

  • Powerful personality along with good interpersonal skills.
  • Expert managerial skills that would help to manage huge amount of work.
  • In depth knowledge of the sales processes and their formulation.
  • Keen interest in training budding sales aspirants.

Work experience:

  • Worked in the inside sales department at Gold n Mack org for 2 years.
  • Lead the inside sales managing department at Whistleblower Co. for 3 years.

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